Monday, November 14, 2016

End of Babbit experience and nasty surprise

Week 2 of the Babbit experience of living in the van went smoothly but going to work turned out to be a pain in the ass while doing this. We figured we learned what we needed and left for the comfort of the house. Mind you, I sleep better in the truck even with traffic roaring by.

The van was emptied of all its content and unplated. It will sleep in the driveway this winter as we work on it. The plan is to gut the interior to the sheet metal. This will be great to do a proper insulation job and the cabinets will be moved indoors for finishing work. Some mods will be done as well for our electrical like proper wiring and setting up the fridge to run off the auxiliary battery. A table or two will also be in the works.

The bottom leaf spring shouldn't move like that.

While under the truck for a routine inspection, I found the source of my right front tire being eaten away prematurely. The centering bolt on the right side leaf springs sheared off and now everything is off whack. The shop that did the leaf spring job never bothered re-torquing the U-bolts after 30km and now I'm stuck fixing this since it's been more than a year, no warranty. Oh well, live and learn.

There is also some mechanical work lined up and re-arranging of the cockpit. I will keep you posted on the work being done.

Living the Vanlife